Combo #2 Two Taquitos and a Taco - Juanita’s

My friend Ryan has always talked about a place in Los Angeles named Juanita’s. He eats there often and told me it’s his favorite restaurant. Last Friday, I had plans to take the Union Station home for the weekend. As I was telling Ryan about my plans, he informed me Juanita’s was located across the street from the station. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to blog about more food, I was super excited to try it out. :] I enjoyed the food thoroughly (especially the taco). I’ve never been a huge fan of taquitos, but these were delicious. I especially liked the hot sauce that they offered along with the meal. The ingredients used in the salsa smelled and tasted very fresh. Juanita’s is located on Olvera Street Plaza, a very cultured location with many shops and attractions for everyone.


Juanita’s on Olvera Street

El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historic Park

845 N. Alameda St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012